5 Reasons Digital Printing is Smart Printing

In this day in age people want quality, fast service, for less money. This is an obtainable goal, but it involves strategy. Offset printing is a wonderful method of printing, and for large jobs it is your rock. But for the small jobs that you need to get out the door today, digital printing is your answer. Here are 5 reasons digital printing is smart printing for small jobs.

Save Yourself Some Money
Wow, those are the magic words right?! With offset printing, a lot of set up is involved before you start printing. If you are printing in small quantities then the set up can cost you a pretty penny. With digital printing, there is virtually no set up. This gives you the opportunity to print small quantities of flyers, brochures, business cards etc.

Digital Print is Fast
Like I was saying before, offset takes a certain amount of set up before you get going. This can be time consuming. Since there is very little set up for a digital press, you are able to make quick prints that could potentially have same day turn around.

Think About the Environment!
Now a days cutting down on waste is a big topic. So if there is an opportunity for us to do so, we jump on it. Since digital printing does not use plates, you do not need the necessary machines to prepare everything. This cuts down on materials and the use of chemicals.

Individualize the Prize
Digital printing allows you to personalize your prints to include unique content on each page. With offset printing, since you are burning all the information on a plate it is crucial in saving money that you have everything right the first time. This also means that your data is static to what the plate says.

With the advances in technology, it is hard to tell the two styles of printing apart. You will be receiving a high quality print no matter which route you take. So if it calls for it, take the least expensive route.

To learn more about digital and offset printing, click here!


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