Letterpress Printing and Union Letterpress Printing Services

Are you searching for the rustic look? Letterpress printing is coming back in a big way. Originally, letterpress was the best way to do high speed printing. Many print shops have converted to offset or digital, but we still offer old-school letterpress.Fine letterpress work is crisper than offset litho because of it leaves an impression on the paper, giving greater visual definition to both type and artwork. The process requires a high degree of craftsmanship, but offers a superior result and guarantees your artwork a unique and eye-catching look.In addition to imprinting on the letterpress, it can be also be used to achieve such things as:



Sequential Numbering



What is letterpress printing and what is it used for?

Letterpress printing is one of the oldest forms of commercial printing. Once used for mostly publications, it has become more of a stylized, artisan type of printing. Many people use it to give invitations or business cards a more rustic, simple look, creating nooks and crannies in the usually heavier weighted paper and pressing the ink into them.The end product is a textured piece that you can feel and will stand out from the rest bringing focus on both the paper and ink.

How does letterpress printing work?