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Mounted Canvas

Have you ever wanted your prints to look like a work of art? Well look no further! Our  Mounted Canvas is just what you are looking for! Jobs are printed in the highest quality on 17mil Artist Canvas, then mounted on lightweight and durable stretcher bars for a chic, minimalist effect. We have multiple options for edges and have the ability to stretch any custom size. Great for business or personal use, Mounted Canvas prints are a great way to display logo images, photographs and more. They also make great gifts!

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Mounted Canvas Information

We have the ability to “Wrap” your image in 4 different ways:

Traditional Image Wrap – The image has the proper bleed so when the canvas is stretched across the frame it continues around the frame making your artwork seamless. Ex. if you desire a 12 x 18″ finished print on a 1.5″ depth frame, you need to allow 3″ extra in each direction to cover the frame edge (provide art sized at 16″ x 22″).

It is very common that the right precautions for frame dimensions and wrapping are not taken into consideration. For this, we offer these other options.

Natural (white) – the image is sized to fit the face of the frame. We then cover the  sides with the natural canvas material, which is white.

Black – the image is sized to fit the face of the frame. Our design team then creates a black fill border so the sides of your finished print are black.

Mirror – the image is sized to fit the face of the frame. Our design team mirrors the outer 2″ of the photo to cover the sides of the frame. (Certain images do not lend themselves to this treatment – we will contact you if we have any concerns.)

Download a Template

Since our Mounted Canvas are custom size, Park Press will make a template based on your design for you. Just email us at