Social Distancing Decals and Social Distancing Window Clings in Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Newport, Saugus, MA, Brooklyn, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

We have experienced something that hasn’t happened in such a profound way for the last hundred years. Covid-19 has changed how we go about our daily life in Worcester, Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, MA, and the surrounding areas, perhaps for a very long time, and we aren’t done with it just yet. While we all are aware of the things that we should be doing, having reminders and helpers throughout the day ensure that we are all doing what we can to slow the spread of this virus. Great options for these reminders are social distancing printed materials, such as social distancing decals and window clings. Perfect in nearly any situation, these items are good reminders for people to maintain a proper social distance from each other as they go about their daily activities. For businesses that are working on reopening during this crisis, public buildings that need to be open, nearly anywhere that has waiting lines, and the list of applications can go on and on. Your customers will appreciate that you care about them and their business. Social distancing decals in Boston

Social Distancing Decals for Floors

It’s amazing how something on the floor can capture our attention. It doesn’t need to be large, but because it’s different from the surrounding floor environment, it sticks out and we pay attention to it. Use this quirk of human psychology to your advantage by placing social distancing decals on your floors. These can be used in a number of ways: placing simple marks on the floor to remind people to socially distance to 6 feet apart; using them to direct people in specific directions to help with traffic flow; point people to important places; as well as other options. You can provide smaller floor decals to indicate standing places for people to maintain their social distance from others in lines. Large floor decals could be representative of the 6-foot distance to give people a proper visual for what the social distance looks like. Social distancing window clings in Saugus

Social Distancing Window Clings

Social distancing window clings are great attention-grabbing pieces that have multiple uses. Placed on the glass doors that make up the entrance to your Newport, Newton, or Saugus commercial building, these social distancing window clings can quickly convey important information as people enter the building. These are very helpful to remind people to properly socially distance themselves while in the building and to let people know if masks are required in Lowell.

Prepare Now – Protect Your Patrons and Your Business

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