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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the most precise way to capture leads and sell to your clients. By creating lead-generating funnels we can focus a group of clients or potential clients directly on your product prepared to buy. We do this by monitoring the behaviors of the customers when reacting to a series of emails we send out. Based on how the customers click, open, or ignore the emails we send them through funnels that lead them to your product. The end result is a precise list of clients who are interested in your product that you can then sell to continuously.  


How Do You Capture Emails?

We can capture emails in 3 ways. 

1.) We use a supplied list of emails that you provide for us. 

2.) We supply a list to you based on demographics.

3.) We create a sales funnel on your website to capture emails (see marketing strategies)


The Difference Between Email Marketing and Direct Mail

Although Direct mail and email marketing are similar there are differences between the two. First, the similarities. Both forms of marketing are extremely effective. Statistics show that direct mail marketing is still the best form of paper marketing while email marketing is the best digital marketing. 


The Major Differences

Data Analysis – Email marketing allows you to see more insights into how your customers are behaving. We gather the data and analyze all the statistics to see how effective our strategies are, and how we need to adjust to make them work. Direct Mail does not allow for this kind of in-depth analytics. 

Cost – Due to the lack of machines, ink, and paper that is needed in sending emails, Email Marketing tends to be the cheaper option between the two. 


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