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Census Forms, Street Listing Manuals and Confirmation Cards in Boston

Park Press Printers provides census printing and mailing services in Greater Boston and throughout the state of Massachusetts. We convert the information you supply to us and populate the corresponding fields. We print, fold, stuff, and mail the annual census form along with any inserts such as the dog license. Why is this important? The United States Census is held every ten years. The last national census was held in 2010 and the current national census is in the year of 2020. In the state of Massachusetts, it is a requirement every single year to have a census held.

What is the Procedure?

The procedure is done by acquiring and reporting information or data about the residents of a specific population. Forms are completed mailed to each household and the members of the household.  This requires that the residents make changes to the information listed on the form or confirm that the information is correct. The form must be signed and then returned with the provided return envelope. The United States Census Bureau estimates that this process may take approximately ten minutes to complete for the average household.

Park Press Printers designs census forms, but if you have a form that you would like to use, please send us the original! We will reproduce it and make any needed adjustments. You can count on Park Press Printers to provide these services to you today! We also guarantee the lowest possible postage rates. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us and will be directed to a Park Press customer service representative.

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