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Park Press is a newspaper printing company that offers tabloid or broadsheet and union printing options for Boston, North Shore and Massachusetts clients. As with all Park Press products, variety is our specialty. We offer different sizes, printing options and paper quality to fit your vision and budget. Tabloid papers measure 11 3/8″ wide and 14.5″ or 17″ high. Broadsheets measure 14″ x 22″. Printing is available in color or black and white. You can choose Newsprint, 80 Bright or Offset paper. Please use our Instant Pricing option on this page for an immediate quote. If you need any extra printed materials nested within your newspaper, we’ve got you covered! We can neatly insert coupons, advertising flyers, single sheets, letters, or any other marketing materials you wish. As always, a Park Press associate is happy to help you. Note that Park Press also provides union printing with the possibility of using union labels or union bugs in your layout.

Once you have your finished newspaper printed to your specifications, you’ll want to make sure people see it while it’s hot off the press. With Park Press’s direct mailing services, you never even need to go to the post office. While some clients will want to keep a supply of their newspapers on hand, others will appreciate having theirs mailed out for them. You can also take advantage of our direct mail services to reach more of your audience and save a bundle on costly postage.

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What You Need to Know

•  We offer three standard sizes newspaper:

          a) Short tabloid 11-3/8” x 14.5” page size

          b) Tabloid 11-3/8” x 17” page size

          c) Broadsheet comes in standard three (3) sizes:

                   Flat sizes: 24″, 26″ or 28″w x 22.75″h

                   Page sizes: 12″, 13″ or 14″w x 22.75″h

              They fold down to: 12″ x 11″3/8 OR 13″ x 11″3/8 OR 14″ x 11″3/8


•  We also offer custom sizes, please contact us

•  You can choose between Black and White, full color, or a mixture of both.

• We have the capability of up to 40 pages.

• Need to get your paper to different communities? We offer Direct Mailing Service!

• Choose from 3 paper stocks:


3580 Bright 

50# Offset

Need inserts?
Do you need any extra printed materials nested within your newspaper? We’ve got you covered! Like many of the newspapers you get at your house, we can neatly insert other documents such as coupon or advertising flyers, single sheets with a mission statement or letter, or any other marketing materials you could think of. Request a custom quote today, or contact a customer service representative to see what is available.

We have tons of templates to help you design your perfect project. If you don’t see a template for what you need below, we can custom make one for you. Just email us at

Click on the links below to access our Newspaper templates

11.375 x 14.5 Newspaper Template

11.375 x 17 Newspaper Template

12 x 22.75 Newspaper Template

13 x 22.75 Newspaper Template

14 x 22.75 Newspaper Template