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Marketing Strategy

Do you want to take your marketing to the next level? Park Press is here to help! We offer a variety of marketing strategies to get your business more clients. From physical mailers to digital mailers, we have what it takes to increase your sales. 


What We Offer

Direct Mail Setting up a mailing is quick and easy. Once your list is processed, we’ll take that information and address your printed materials, package them up, and will even deliver them to the post office for you! Do you have multiple pieces that need to go together? Perhaps a letter or return card inside an envelope? Our fulfillment services come second-to-none, so we can stuff, seal or package any array together, in accordance with your preference. From A to Z, we will handle your mailing with superior performance.


Print Marketing – As a printer, we offer a wide variety of printing materials that can be transformed into marketing material for your business. 


Email MarketingEmail Marketing is the most precise way to capture leads and sell to your clients. By creating lead-generating funnels we can focus a group of clients or potential clients directly on your product prepared to buy.


Social Media Management – Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, we can manage your account, create beautiful images that will get you noticed, and promote your brand. 

Political Campaign – We offer the largest selections of political printing material to get any campaign up and running. From Yard Signs to Sticky Notes, Direct Mail, and more, we can get you to the right people. Did we mention we are a Union Shop? We offer the union bug on all products with requests from you.

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