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Loyalty Card Mailers, Union Card Mailers, Card Affixing, and Card Tipping

Whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar store. If you have customers, you should be giving rewards. And the best way to get loyal Members is with Loyalty Card Mailers. Studies have shown that it just takes 15% off to get customers to make unplanned purchases. Think of the extra traffic you could have in your store or on your e-commerce page with loyalty card mailers. And, if you are opening a new location, there is no better way to get customers to try out your service or products then an introductory card.

Here are some of the ways our customers have used loyalty card mailers:

  • Free giveaways – appetizer or drink with purchase of entrée
  • Discounts for new customers – a percentage of the sale
  • Introductory offer for membership – no signing fees for initiation
  • Membership numbers – grocery stores, gyms
  • Gift cards – business clients, friends

Loyalty card mailers are a great way to increase business or make life easier for your customers which will add to customer satisfaction. Plus, by having your card, they have a visible reminder of your business and the promotion the card includes.


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What is Card Affixing?

Card Affixing and mailing is the best way to reach your customers. You have heard of plastic cards, right? Well with card affixing we print the plastic cards and adhere them to a postcard or letter that you send to your clients.
Union Card Affixing
First, we print the plastic card with variable information for each member. Every card will have a unique ID for your customer. Next, we print the letter and affix the plastic card onto the sheets. All cards for loyalty card mailers are in full color, laminated and have rounded corners.  To make your card extra noticeable, we have the following options:

  • Combos including keychain cards and wallet size key card
  • The magnetic stripe, a barcode or contactless chip technology
  • Various card weights
  • Foil stamping and metallic inks
  • Gloss coatings
  • Specialty signature panels

Card AffixingUnion Card Tipping

We also can provide card tipping services.  Card tipping is the process of adding metallic or solid colors onto punched numbers like those found on credit cards.  We are proud to be a union card tipping shop to provide this unique service to our customers.

Union Card Mailers

Why go with Park Press?  We can do everything for you from start to finish. Even if you need design help to get started, we have resources for that.  After your design and printing, the letter and the plastic card are then tri-folded and addressed to your clients. We deliver to the post office and straight to your client’s door. No Hassle, all Rewards.  And while loyalty card mailers and fulfillment seem like a big project, call us to get some ideas of what would work best for your business.  We are a union card mailer print and fulfillment shop representing all types of customers with all types of businesses. Many customers have found it not only pays for itself but also leads to repeat customers.

For more information on Plastic Cards Click Here. If you are looking for information on Direct Mailing you can Click Here.  At Park Press Printers we make this process easy. From meeting to mailing, we are there every step of the way. If you want to schedule a consultation email us at