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Window Decals & Graphics by Park Press Printers: Specializing in Car, Truck & Vehicle

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If you have never considered the value of vehicle graphics, you are missing out on an extremely effective advertising opportunity. You can look at a vehicle with eye-catching truck graphics or car wrapping as a mobile billboard of sorts. Taking that analogy a step further, a single stationary billboard can have an impact, but imagine the reach that you would get if you had billboards everywhere. Commercial vehicles cover a lot of ground, so your advertising message is constantly being circulated from one side of town to the other when you utilize car graphics or truck wraps. The saturation is especially profound if you have multiple vehicles out and about at all times.

Plus, people who are stopped in traffic can’t change the channel or fast-forward the remote control. They will be captive audiences that will definitely be drawn to your message, and this is an added benefit that you can’t get anywhere else. Another thing that sets vinyl car wraps apart from other forms of advertising is the fact that you put out some money once, and you enjoy advertising benefits for years without paying another cent. This is a level of efficiency that is hard to top, and statistics show that vehicle graphics really do get seen by huge numbers of people. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America tells that one vehicle carrying a vinyl wrap can be seen by between 30,000 and 70,000 potential customers per day. That is a rather mind-boggling figure, and close to 75 percent of people who are reached by car graphics react to the product or business that is behind the advertising in a positive manner.

The quality of the car wrapping or truck graphics will certainly have a great deal to do with the ultimate effectiveness, and this is where our expertise comes in. We have been a premier printing resource in this area for more than eight decades, and we utilize high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment to print our vinyl car wraps. Plus, our design team is second to none, and we also assist with the final installation after your car graphics or truck wraps have been completed to your satisfaction.

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