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Commercial Printing and Commercial Union Printing Services

If you’re like so many of our customers, you look for a partner that makes it a top priority to understand who you are and what you expect. It all begins with that connection, when you feel that we really “get it,” that we listen rather than try to sell you. The partnership grows when we offer innovative ideas, make helpful suggestions and demonstrate a high level of expertise. At Park Press Printers and Direct Mail, our mission is delivering total satisfaction…every time. That’s leadership. That’s what you expect. That’s what we do.

Why use Park Press as your commercial printer?

Today, new solutions emerge quickly in every industry, including print and direct mail. This is why our customers count on us to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective solution for their jobs. If one word defines Park Press, it’s leadership. At our company, this is a unique blend of skill, experience and technology that knows no peer. When it comes to what we do, our customers tell us we’re in a class by ourselves.

What kinds of services are available at Park Press?

  • Digital and offset print services
  • Grand format print services
  • Direct mail, targeted lists and occupant lists
  • Newspaper print production
  • Design services
  • Raised ink thermography printing
  • Die-cutting, lamination and bindery
  • Union printer: Union bug and more!
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Why trust your projects with Park Press Printers?

We’ve been around long enough to know that trust is never conferred. It’s always earned over time.We earn the privilege of being your partner for as long as we deliver on our promises and take full responsibility for the work you bring us. It’s that simple. It’s one more reason why we have been in business since 1934.

How can I get more value by printing with Park Press?

We understand that when considering a printing company important questions come to mind: “Will it make my life easier or more complicated?” “Will the overall costs be higher or lower?” “Will I be able to always count on them?”The answers to these questions are important to you. This is why we’ve designed a technologically sophisticated and multi-faceted printing and mailing company with capabilities and services that deliver more value, faster and for less money.

How can I take advantage of online ordering?

In addition to being your helpful, walk-in local printer, we have also beefed up our online services to give you ever-expanding, state-of-the-art tools for all of your printing needs. Our focus on freedom of choice and customer service carries over to the Internet for turnkey solutions you can explore at your leisure. Browse our site for information such as instant pricing, workable print templates, custom mailing list creators, promo deals and much more. Each of the products displayed on our website contains instant online pricing calculators. Get a quote or place an entire order with only a few clicks of your mouse! Choose from a plethora of options, enter your shipping information and upload your artwork quickly and easily. Payment is all handled from your shopping cart, and you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card. PDF proofs are uploaded directly to your account, so viewing and approving them is organized and simple!

Are you interested in a FREE custom storefront?

We are rolling out the red carpet! We can create a unique, V.I.P. section of our site specifically for your business. We’ll design a custom storefront so that you can quickly order stationery, marketing materials, or any other printed works that we have prepared for you in the past. This makes referencing and ordering quick and easy. Your portal will expand as we grow together.If you are a business with more than one location, you can still use our portal with ease. Each location will have its own portal code, which you can log in with to see the items specifically geared to that location. For example, say you own a chain of restaurants and you want each unit to be able to order print work as needed. We could set up a master portal containing all of your printable items as well as subsidiary storefronts filled with items unique to each separate location.

Another great advantage of portals is eDocBuilder. Here’s an example of how eDocBuilder works: Let’s say you want to order new business cards. You would fill in all the information that you want to display on the card (name, phone numbers, etc.) on our template and be able to see the results in real time. No typesetting or design services are necessary!