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Boston Direct Mail Marketing

Park Press is your all in one “on time, every time” direct mail marketing and fulfillment provider! We understand that direct mail is a vital marketing solution for businesses, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to get your printed pieces out and into the world, reaching the exact people and places you want, when you want. Our in-house lettershop division provides and processes mailing lists for every marketing preference. Whether you’re looking to target addresses around your business, or a specific demographic, we’ve got you covered. Schedule mail drops with ease! Addressing and fulfillment is a snap. Look below for more details.

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Addressing and Fulfillment

Setting up a mailing is quick and easy. Once your list is processed, we’ll take that information and address your printed materials, package them up and will even deliver them to the post office for you! Do you have multiple pieces that need to go together? Perhaps a letter or return card inside an envelope? Our fulfillment services come second-to-none, so we can stuff, seal or package any array together, in accordance to your preference. From A to Z, we will handle your mailing with superior performance.

Mailing lists made easy

We make finding the perfect list for your campaign easy. Who do you want to reach? Are you looking to mail a specific quantity of your marketing materials to homes and/or other businesses around your business in a certain zip code or radius? Or maybe you’re looking to be a little more specific, in order to reach a unique demographic of people (specific political parties, age and gender, annual income, etc). Perhaps you don’t even know where to start, and are looking for professional marketing guidance on how to get things rolling. Going with Park Press Printers for your direct mailing means a solution to all of these questions and queries. We’ll create the perfect map for any preference you have.

What kind of Mail Lists do we Provide?

A common question we get asked is “what kind of mail lists do we provide?”  The answer is, we work with three specific types of mailing lists, occupant, targeted, and supplied. Below is a breakdown of each one.

  • Occupant List-  An occupant list, also known as a saturation mailing list, is the best way to reach every door in your targeted area while spending the lowest postage rate. Our occupant list covers over 99% of all deliverable addresses in the U.S. That is more than 142 million households. You will always have the freshest list because the list is updated monthly by the USPS®. This allows you to saturate entire regions – State, County, Carrier Routes, ZIP Codes, a specific radius, etc. with your marketing messages.
  • Target List- A targeted list refers to a  list of individuals and demographics compiled from proprietary and publicly-available sources. This information is gathered from telephone listings, voter registrations, self-reported surveys, etc. With a targeted mailing list you are offered a This type of targeted mailing list usually offers a broad geography and higher volume than the other types of mailing lists. A targeted mailing list often is subdivided into categories to make reaching your prospects easier. You can focus your search on things like new parents, new movers homeowners, people between the ages of 21 and 31. This allows a small business to focus on consumers who might meet its target criteria cost-efficiently.
  • Supplied List-  A supplied list is exactly what it sounds like. You will supply us a list of current clients or prospective clients and we will work our magic to clean the list up and make it deliver ready. We will set up your list, remove any duplicate content and run NCOA upon request.

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You can upload images up to 100mb. For files higher than 100mb or alternative methods of upload please contact a team member or (781) 233-0315


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