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Winning Is Everything! We can help you get across the finish line… FIRST! Direct mail gets your message to voters. With the right “look,” campaign materials get more attention — and votes! That’s why so many candidates use our Campaign Design Services. It’s low-cost and delivers big results! Campaign mailings are easy and quick. Along with the printing, we take care of the mailing, too. We guarantee the lowest possible postage rates. We can help…so talk to us today.

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  • Use our low-cost mailer design services
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  • Mailing lists for your target area
  • Union bug and union label gets you seen
  • Guaranteed lowest postage rates
  • Delivered to voters at the right time
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Mailing, Addressing and Fulfillment.

A dependable, cost effective way to connect with new customers is our direct mail program. Park Press will work within your budget to develop a cost-effective direct mailing program that delivers your message as well as a healthy return on your investment. We will design, print, and send your choice of a postcard or self-mailing multi-panel brochure to your targeted customers. Our recipe for success consists of access to special lists, software, favorable postal rates, and years of business experience. The total cost of each delivered piece is often less than the price of a regular stamp.

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Mailing lists made easy.

make a mail listIn addition to ordering your printing online, you can also create customized mailing lists right on our website. We make finding the perfect list for your campaign easy. Whom do you want to reach? Are you looking to mail a specific quantity of your marketing materials to homes and/or other businesses within a certain zip code or radius? Maybe you’re looking to reach a unique population (specific political parties, age, gender, annual income, etc)? It makes no sense to target the wrong audience for your products or services. Park Press Printers and Direct Mailing helps you avoid poor targeting by offering in-depth questionnaires that allow you to pinpoint the locations and people you want to reach with your printed materials. In the end, you’ll have the perfect map and a personalized list for all of your marketing endeavors. Since our website supplies you with all-in-one printing and mailing solutions, your entire campaign can be handled effortlessly from your computer.

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