Billboards let clients advertise outdoors and reach massive targeted audiences across different locations or over an extended period of time. Positioned on heavy-traffic arteries like highways outside major cities, billboards generate visibility and impressions with a memorable, high-impact message delivered in the seconds it takes to drive past the billboard.The largest standard-sized form of outdoor advertising, bulletins, in various sizes, reach heights of 20 feet and widths of 60 feet, not including the option of extensions. Depending on the advertising strategy, billboards can remain in the same location for weeks or months, or be rotated through different areas to reach a variety of audiences. Regardless of placement, a successful billboard, like other grand format products, needs smart design, eye-catching colors and graphics, and supreme durability.

The unique capabilities of Park Press match the special demands of billboard printing in Massachusetts. Our grand format printers reach widths up to 196”, or nearly double the size of large format printing, which is limited to 100” wide printers. In addition to the size advantage, our focus on quality and customer service allow us to produce billboards to specifications in a short amount of time when needed.

In the twenty-first century, more and more clients want billboards in Boston that not only look great, but also inflict minimal damage on the environment. For the eco-conscious, we offer a polyethylene (PE) substrate as a responsible alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC or “vinyl”), which is difficult to recycle. Polyethylene offers the same good looks as PVC at a comparable cost, while being 100% recyclable, which means less impact on the environment.


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