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LED and Neon Signs

When you drive around, you see countless signs. Many of those signs are LED signs, either showing prices of gas, or maybe advertising some specials, or they could be elaborate signs that show images and change on a regular basis. The fact is that LED signs are ubiquitous in our society, and Park Press Printers is ready to help you get the right LED sign for your needs.

LED Business Signs

Nearly any business can benefit from having an LED or Neon business sign as part of their marketing efforts, and using a regular LED sign might be just the thing that you need to help draw additional customers to your doors. From auto dealers to healthcare facilities, and schools to storage facilities, there are many reasons why an LED sign would be a great addition.

These signs are bright and can have multiple colors in them due to the LED lights. They usually have a couple of lines for text, but could be larger if the situation called for it. What is nice is that these signs can also display several different messages that rotate, allowing for things like multiple dates for different events coming up, and more. You effectively get multiple signs for the price of one, and that sign is easily changeable when needed or desired for your business.

LED Sign Installation 

When it comes to installing your LED sign, the pros at Park Press Printers know how to get it done. Choosing the design and colors can be a fun project, but if your sign company just delivers a 4’x8’ sign to your doorstep, you may be at a loss. Sign installations need to be professionally done so that your outdoor or indoor sign can withstand the elements and remain looking fresh and in-tact.

Especially when it comes to LED sign installation, you want an outfit that has done it before and can deal with the unexpected. While these signs are designed to be outdoors, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. They need to be handled with care so that all of the LEDs are functional when it comes time to test it out at your location. Park Press Printers is committed to being your sign company to create the quality signs that will last over time.

For the business owner that’s looking for a timeless and classic business sign, wooden signs are a great choice. Wooden signs are versatile and durable, bringing the warmth of nature to your business through advertisement. With the ability for wooden signs to be completely customized, it’s no wonder that business owners choose wooden signage for their advertising solution.

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