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Letterpress printing find application in high-end niche markets

Letterpress printing is also known as relief printing and is an old form of commercial printing. However, letterpress printing is making a big comeback because it can create the special rustic look. This is because this method uses a raided press to apply ink to paper by pressing it down onto the paper. The result is a beautiful, rustic and crisp imprinted image that you can see and feel.

If you are interested in letterpress printing solutions in Boston, Cambridge, Gloucester MA, Lowell MA, Lynn MA or Saugus then Park Press Printers can help.

Letterpress printing was the main type of high speed printing back in the good old days. These days there are more modern techniques such as digital printing and offset printing. However, to achieve that old world effect a printer would need to use techniques such as die cutting, embossing, perforation and scoring.

Using an old-school press, commercial printers such as Park Press can create that rustic and old world look. Since letterpress leaves an impression on the paper, your printer can achieve a crisp high definition print. By making a harder impact a printer can achieve an embossed effect. By making the impact lighter, a skilled pressman can achieve a lighter and smoother effect.

In today’s modern world letterpress printing finds application in niche markets such as event invitations, upmarket stationery and fine books. It finds application in sophisticated and high-end markets because the prints have exceptionally high visual definition with rich textures and bold patterns.

Letterpress printing is often used for special event invitations, business cards and 5-star hospitality greeting cards. If you want a simple and clean look that is stylish and impressive then letterpress printing could be a good option.

Letterpress print can be used for wedding invitations, business cards, posters, greeting cards and more.



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