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Prescription Pads in California

The state and federal governments continue to add new rules regarding prescription pads here in California. Our team at Park Press Printers understands these regulations. We offer RX pads approved by the Department of Justice and state regulations in California.

As California-approved security printers, we provide you with the security prescription forms you need. Learn more today by calling us at (781) 233-0315 or by filling out the quote form on this page.

Order Your RX Pads for CA

Order Prescription Pads in California Order Custom Prescription Pads in California

Here at Park Press Printers, we know that different agencies and medical facilities need different kinds of RX pads. That’s why we let you customize what you want when you order prescription pads in California.

We offer a range of RX forms, including:

  • Patient sign-in forms
  • Health insurance forms
  • Deposit tickets

Our security features meet California’s requirements to help you defend against prescription fraud while protecting your patients.

Personalized RX Pads Printing in California

Our team offers a range of templates for RX pads printing. You can contact us about our Standard RX or State Specific RX options. You can also reach out to us if you want thermal RX pads or laser sheet options.

Our pads and books can come with a serialized number to help you keep track of the RX pads you’re using. We take both large and small numbers for prescription pads. You can count on us to offer you a reduced lead time on smaller orders.

Prescription Pad Printing in California

You may want different pads for controlled substances prescriptions and scripts for non-controlled substances. We offer you the ability to adjust your order to get exactly what your facility needs. All of our prescription pads are Medicaid compliant, making it easy to select what you want.

While we provide many secure options, you can also contact us about colored scripts if you are interested in options for non-controlled substances.

Order Your Prescription Pads in California

Park Press Printers handles your needs for prescription pads in the state of California. We’re based in New York and Massachusetts, but we’re ready to deliver your RX pad orders directly to your door.

While California was the 31st state added to the union, it’s currently the third-largest state and the most populous. From the excitement of the Gold Rush to the modern innovations out of Silicon Valley, we’re here to help with your prescription pad needs. Learn more by calling Park Press Printers at (781) 233-0315.

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RX Prescription Pads