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No matter you write non-fiction or novels you always dream of seeing it printed in a beautiful hardcover format. If you wish to fulfill your dreams, then contact us at Park Press Printers. Be it a yearbook of a school, a compilation of your recent artwork or a photography portfolio amid others we can have you covered. Our hard cover book printing services will help you stand head and shoulders above others and will instantly draw people’s eyes and curiosity. Every hardbound covering that we offer is designed with care and will last for years, thereby making it an excellent addition to your collection. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Concord, NH, Dover NH, Lawrence, MA, Manchester NH, Nashua NH and Portsmouth NH.

Types of handbook cover printing

At Park Press Printers we offer hard cover book printing in 3 different styles namely,

  • Laminated and printed- Here the cover is printed, laminated, wrapped and then glued surrounding the cover boards which comprise the cover.
  • Foil stamping in cloth hard cover- here titles are generally stamped in white, silver and gold foil. For imitation leather books we provide about 5-6 color and in the case of cloth we offer around 10 calories.
  • Full-color printed dust jacket on the cloth hard cover- it is akin to the book that is cloth covered but with the addition of the dust jacket. In fact the dustjackets will be printed on the paper stock and laminated.

Hardcover books have a lot of different names such as bound books, hardback, Casebound or hardbound, but all have the same meaning that is quality presentation. If you wish to know more or have any queries simply dial our customer representative number or drop us a mail. We will leave no stone unturned to help you in the best way possible.

Concord NH Hard Cover Book Printing from Park Press Printers is beautiful, precise, and affordable. Contact us today for more details!


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