Letterpress Printing in Attleboro and Everett MA

Letterpress printing is an old-school type of printing but it can still produce a visual effect the modern techniques can’t match. If you want a unique style that is eye-catching then you can achieve that with letterpress printing. Park Press Printers is a full-service commercial printer in Cambridge, Somerville MA, Woonsocket and Worcester. They offer all the modern printing techniques such as digital and offset printing and they also offer letterpress printing for sophisticated clients. Letterpress is considered a specialist and expensive method of printing but is back in fashion and widely used by commercial printers such as Park Press.


Letterpress printing is a type of impress or relief printing that requires the craftsmanship of a skilled pressman. The pressman will use a printing press to make repeated impressions of ink from a custom die on sheets or rolls of paper. The impressions help create crisp and stylish look with more visual definition than can be achieved with other print methods. The art of the process is being able to control how hard the imprint is applied to the paper. By varying the impression force a pressman can create n embossed or a smooth look and feel.

Modern advances such as computers and design programs have made it easier to incorporate fonts, patterns and graphics into print. These developments have help the revival of the 500-year-old art of letterpress printing. With the right ink and paper you can create the debossed look and stylish finish you want. Notwithstanding advances in technology, letterpress pointing is still performed by hand and requires skill and craftsmanship.

More important is to understand the applications and uses of letterpress printing. Letterpress printing is in demand for small run products that require a more tactile, high quality finish. Think of products such as wedding invitations, event invitations, business cards, posters and greeting cards.

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