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Printer types – a sneak peek

The printing technology in the last couple of months has changed drastically. There has been enough competition amid printers and with innumerable good manufacturers to find a good quality printer has become easy. If you are looking for a company that offers the best and the widest range of printers and at the best industry rates, then get in touch with us at Park Press Printers. People residing in and around Malden, Medford, MA, Peabody MA, Plymouth MA, Revere MA and Salem, MA can make the most of our products and services.

Our product portfolio

The different types of printers that we offer includes,

  • Portable printers- this machine is handy, sleek and tough and carrying it around indeed is easy. As it comes with a tough body, it will not break easily. Further, in comparison to heavy printers, this works faster and comes in assorted varieties
  • Wireless, laser and with wire printers- our product portfolio also includes wireless, laser and with wire printers to help you pick as per the intended function. The wireless printer utilizes the infra-red technology for communicating amid the laptop and the printer. It is an ideal choice for travelers or those who carry work home because this machine is light and handy. The laser printers are efficient and ensures fast printing performance. This also comes in wireless technology. Although it is little expensive, but it is worth it because its clarity is truly unmatched. The majority of the laptop owners these days choose laser printers which combine a lot of functions

Purchasing printers from us at Park Press Printers will be a wise decision because we are a genuine and certified company and every printer that we offer comes with a warranty. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best printers and enjoy untold benefits.



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