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Soft Cover Books

Soft Bound and Stylin'

With a  variety of styles you cannot go wrong with soft bound books. Chose from Sewn Drawn on, PUR Glue, Tape Binding and many more. Soft Bound books are great for any subject material. Contact us today for a custom quote!


Sewn Drawn On

This style uses smythe sewn signatures that are wrapped in a paper cover that is placed over the spine. This technique uses EVA glue.

Tape Binding

Using EVA Glue we take single sheets of paper, glue them together, then glue a strip of cloth around the spine.


masters book
soft bound 1

PUR Glue

For a much stronger, longer lasting bind we use PUR Glue.


EVA Glue

EVA Glue is the most popular for of glue used for soft cover books. 


End Glued Solid

End paper is applied to the front and back of the book, and then it is soft bound. After, the first sheet of the book is glued to the inside cover creating a solid sheet.

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