Somerville MA Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing for speciality prints that are elegant and stylish

Letterpress printing is not something you can normally do from home or your office. If you want letterpress printing you need the help of a commercial printer. Park Press Printers is a commercial printer and they can help you with letterpress printing in Brookline MA, Cambridge, Medford NH, Portsmouth NH, Revere MA or Somerville MA.


Letterpress printing is also known as relief printing and uses a process of direct ink impressions applied to a roll of paper by means of a plate with raised surfaces. This process creates a slight indent or relief on the paper that the ink is applies to.  Letterpress printing is one of the oldest forms of printing and it is making a big comeback. There are good reasons for this. Letterpress printing can create products with an old-world charm that cannot be easily achieved with other printing methods. Letterpress printing can make your speciality print products unique, elegant and stylish.

With letterpress printing you can create effects that you simply cannot accomplish with other types of printing. A skilled printer can create exciting results that make speciality products such as wedding invitations and business cards stand out. You can create a custom design on a metal cast that will imprint and apply the ink to paper. That way you can create unique and stunning designs for your speciality print products. Letterpress printing can also be used on luxurious products that are made from cotton, silk. Cashmere or wool.

Whether you want premium business cards, elegant wedding invitations or speciality flyers, then letterpress printing is the way to go.  Designs that require only a few spot colors, make use of vectors graphics and solid shapes are good candidates for letterpress printing,

If you want stylish business cards, elegant invitations or impressive flyers, then  Park Press Printers can help you with effective letterpress printing.

Somerville MA Letterpress Printing services from Park Press Printers provides beautiful, traditional direct ink printing at affordable prices. Contact us today!

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