Union Printing in Boston

Print a union label or bug on your project and get noticed!

Union printing is Park Press’ specialty! Here at Park Press, we can handle your printing and mailing with the union bug on any of our printed products. Union bug or label printing has a number of benefits that will get you noticed by others you are trying to reach. Sign up or contact us today to learn more!

We gladly will print our typographical union label onto your prints! Lawyers, politicians, and union-friendly companies are sure to benefit from this service.

What are the benefits of printing with the union label?

People who request union label printing are usually a political organization, government agency, college or university, other labor unions, or insurance/benefit plans that cater to labor unions.The reason why these organizations benefit from the union label typically results from the desire to show support for labor unions.

Can any print shop print the union label?

No, only a print shop like us that has its production employees entered into a union organization such as the CWA, and has a valid union label license agreement, can print the union label.Only a small percent of print shops in the United States offer union bug printing and we are one of them.

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