Social Distancing Signs and Social Distancing Window Decals in Brooklyn, NY

In these current times, businesses want to be open for business, but they also want to protect their customers. What are some ways that your business can do this? With social distancing signs and social distancing window decals in Brooklyn, NY, of course! Park Press Printers have all sorts of options to let your customers know that they need to practice social distancing.

Please note that our Brooklyn location is a sales office and no production is available onsite. We are still happy to provide you with our services, but please be aware that all production is completed from our Saugus location.

Business Signs in Boston, Worcester, LowellSocial Distancing Signs in Brooklyn

No matter where your business is located, having a prominent sidewalk sign that you can use outside your main entrance is a great way to remind people to wear their masks and to socially distance themselves while they are in your business. Not only that, but you can use these to also let people know that you are open, and you may want to couple that with a banner to put above your door as well.

Once inside, you can have signs asking people to only go certain directions to help keep people from getting too close and possibly becoming infected. There are posters of different sizes that you can have to strategically place throughout the building. Not only that but at your checkout line, you can have floor graphics to help give customers a subtle way maintain their distance while waiting to check out. All of these can be printed and delivered in short order by the team at Park Press Printers.

Social Distancing Window Decals in Brooklyn

Social Distancing Window Decals Brooklyn NY

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to help keep your customers informed is to use window decals. These can be made in a variety of sizes and can easily be placed on your glass doors. As customers come in they will quickly be reminded to keep their distance from others for safety, and you can have several different decals to quickly convey important information. If you are asking customers to wear a mask, you can add a decal for that next to the social distance decal.

No matter what message you want to let your customers know about, signs and window decals provide a proven, easy way to do just that. Keep your customers safe and informed with quality signs and decals from Park Press Printers.

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