Direct Mail Fulfillment in Saugus, Lowell, Cambridge, Worcester, Boston, Brooklyn, NY, and Nationwide

What is a proven marketing technique that many people think is dead, but if done right can be very important in helping to grow a business? If you answered direct mail, you’re right!

Surprisingly, doing direct mail fulfillment in Saugus, Lowell, Cambridge, Worcester, Boston, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas can be quite effective for a wide range of businesses. If you aren’t well-versed in direct mail, you should talk with the team from Park Press Printers to learn more and find out how it can work for your business.

How Direct Mail Works

Direct Mail Fulfillment in Saugus, Lowell, Cambridge, Worcester, Boston, Brooklyn, NY, and NationwideDirect mail fulfillment is still a great way to reach people, even in the age of the internet and email marketing. Essentially, you are mailing out a large number of items to a large group of people, making them an offer of some sort. The message in the mail piece will depend on what you are trying to accomplish, but you are wanting the recipient to take an action, whether that’s to register on a website, purchase something, or take another action. What sets this kind of marketing apart from digital marketing efforts is that the recipient receives a tangible item that they can hold onto. This makes it a bit more difficult to discard and often sticks with the recipient for a lot longer than a simple email.

Mailing Lists Are Important

Just like having an email list is important for email marketing, having a mailing list is just as important for direct mail fulfillment. Mailing lists can come from a variety of sources, but if you have your own mailing list, that is typically the best-performing list you can have. You can also purchase a mailing list, and these lists could be generic or could be specific for your audience or industry. If you can target your list based on a number of demographics, you will likely have a much better response rate than if you are blindly mailing to any and every address.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

What Park Press Printers can help you do is to handle the process for a direct mailer – from printing to addressing to postage and getting it into the mail system for you. This allows you to focus on the performance aspects of the direct mail offer, such as crafting the right offer and tracking the success of the mailer. No matter if your business is in Saugus, Lowell, Cambridge, Worcester, Boston, Brooklyn, NY, or elsewhere in the nation, Park Press Printers can help you with an effective direct mail fulfillment project.


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