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Commercial Packaging

Commercial Packaging

Commercial packaging for retail is one of the most sought after forms of custom boxes. Since retail is such a broad term these commercial boxes need to be ready for any product. Park Press Printers offers creative customizations for the retail box packaging. Personalize your boxes with desired shapes, colors and sizes. Print product detailed descriptions, graphics, logos and much more on your retail box package.

The purpose of commercial packaging is to give the consumer valuable insights about an item and to provide all the necessary information about a product. For instance, if you have food & beverage packaging, such as a chocolate box, then you will want to include the ingredients, weight, and other descriptions that will best market the chocolate to your customer.  Likewise, a cell phone box has all the enlightening content about the apps of the phone.

Like cosmetic packaging, the strength of the materials and quality of inks are crucial for commercial packaging; therefore sturdy stocks and finest inks are used.

As always we offer superb service and only the best materials:

  • Premium Printing: Our state of the art digital and offset presses along with the latest printing techniques ensure high-quality printing.
  • Speedy Turnaround Time: Park Press Printers always makes sure that the deadlines are met before time. The facility of same day printing is also available.
  • International Shipments: We offer shipments all over the US and Canada.
  • Go Green: Park Press Printers makes use of 100% biodegradable substances for totally eco-friendly boxes.
  • A Team That Cares: Our accomplished team members are available to entertain your queries and concerns regarding custom cosmetic packages.


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Custom Boxes come in two ways:

  • Pre-made – Boxes will be shipped to the client already made.
  • Custom – Custom boxes come flat and will need to be assembled by the client. (Park Press Printers will assemble upon request)



We have tons of templates to help you design your perfect project. If you don’t see a template for what you need below, we can custom make one for you. Just email us at