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Elegance and Affordability: Thermography Fits the Bill

Offset thermography, also known as heat raised printing or raised ink printing, is not only beautiful to look at…it’s beautiful to touch! We’ve all run our fingers across elegant raised print and enjoyed the feeling of luxury. Now that luxury is available to everyone at an affordable price, without having to search far. We’re local in Boston and ship anywhere in the world. With improvements in technology, thermography printing has become a practical alternative to standard printing.

Although thermography looks a lot like engraving, it is created using a completely different process. This process starts out like regular offset printing, but before the ink has a chance to dry, a special resin powder is dusted on top. A vacuum removes any powder that strays from the inked surfaces, leaving behind only the original lettering or design. The document is then heated and the elevated temperature causes the ink to puff up, resulting in a raised glossy effect. When desired, it is possible to use clear ink to produce glossy effects without color.

Once upon a time, special printing was reserved for exclusive projects such as fancy invitations. Today, thermography has a wide variety of applications, such as raised-print icons and symbols that embody the spirit of your product, service or business. Think elegant script, trendy logos or union labels.Thermography can add the extra oomph you’re looking for to make a lasting impression. Consider thermography for invitations, diplomas, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, union bugs and special printing needs. Incorporating a raised ink union bug on your project is a guarantee of expertise and fair labor practices. Only authorized union printers such as Park Press can offer union thermography printing services.

What paper works best with thermography?

Uncoated stocks work best with raised ink projects because the powder puffs out the ink more fully on paper where you can feel the grain.However, printing on coated stock is still manageable if you prefer. Park Press’ heat-proof thermographic letterhead printing can be used in laser printers.

What products can take advantage of thermography?

Some of our most popular raised ink products are available online.

How can I order my raised ink project?

Many of our most popular raised ink products can be ordered online. Please refer to our standard paper selections above for stock we regularly print on. It’s easy to start your project right now with Park Press.Our custom storefront offers instant pricing and ordering, shipping options, explanations of turnaround times, and helpful in-house custom support for inspecting and creating artwork, seeing paper samples, and choosing additional specifications for your raised ink project. Unusual project? Note that custom work for different sizes and options is also available.

What are the pitfalls of thermography?

Thermography is best done by experienced professionals because several factors come into play on the press when printing in raised ink.Things like tight registration or multiple colors overlapping each other should be avoided. Dot separation from color tints are also much more noticeable in raised ink, so we recommend using only solid colors and shapes in your design.

Of course, any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to a Park Press customer service representative, we are here to help.

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