Whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar store. If you have customers, you should be giving rewards. And the best way to get loyal Members is with Loyalty Card Mailers.

At Park Press Printers we make this process easy. From meeting to mailing we are there every step of the way. If you want to schedule a consultation email us at i[email protected].

What is Card Affixing? 

Card Affixing and Mailing is the best way to reach your customers. You have heard of plastic cards, right? Well with card affixing we print the plastic cards and adhere them to a postcard or letter that you send to your clients. 

First, we print the plastic card with variable information for each member. Every card will have a unique ID for your customer. Next, we Print the letter and affix the plastic card onto the sheets. 

The letter and the plastic card are then tri-folded and addressed to your clients. 

We deliver to the post office and straight to your client’s door. No Hassle all Rewards.

For more information on Plastic Cards Click Here. If you are looking for information on Direct Mailing you can Click Here.

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