Vehicle Wraps in Boston Boost Business Profits


With the costs of advertising increasing dramatically, finding alternatives to traditional advertising methods is crucial for increasing company revenues. While online efforts are important, websites may not be viewed by the target demographic. Even print and radio or television advertising campaigns are not always successful, as they rely on the target demographic to be watching or listening at the times the ads run. Today, one of the more cost-effective advertising methods is using vehicle wraps to reach local area customers every day.

Businesses are rapidly turning to vehicle wraps in Boston to get their names out in their business areas. Wrapped cars or trucks are a visible reminder the company is there, in the neighborhood, to provide specific products or services. The car wraps in Boston are designed individually to make sure each company has a unique design that meets their needs. Company logos become visible on a daily basis, constantly reminding viewers the company is there. Like any other form of advertising, constant exposure enhances the value of the advertising, but with a vinyl car wrap, there is no on-going expense for that exposure. Unlike virtually all other forms of advertising, there is only the one-time expense, and that investment provides a quality ad that lasts for several years.

When considering car wrap advertising, business owners often have concerns. Of course, the first concern is price. While quality vehicle wraps in Boston are not cheap, businesses need to consider they are making a long-term investment. Since the average wrap lasts about five years, the cost should be amortized over that period. Depending on how often and where the vehicle is driven, the company’s exposure to current and potential clients can be very significant. If the car or truck is used for deliveries, for example, thousands of individuals may see the vehicle every day, reinforcing the company’s name recognition. How many other forms of advertising offer that type of benefit?

It is also natural to ask if installing a wrap will damage a vehicle’s finish. Assuming the wrap is properly installed, it will actually serve to protect the vehicle’s finish from chips and scratches. Again, wraps have a normal life expectancy of about five years depending on the care each vehicle gets.

That maintenance is minimal. Keeping the wrap clean is important, not only for the wrap itself, but also for the company image. Regular hand washing is recommended to keep the wrap looking like new. Of course, sunlight and weather conditions do affect wraps, so it is recommended that vehicles with wraps be parked in protected areas when not in use.

Boston area professionals like Park Press Printers ( work with clients to develop wraps that provide the greatest visual impact. Putting the design process in motion is simple. Clients need to contact the company and work with a representative to determine what type of design would be most beneficial. Improvements to the bottom line can begin the first day the wrapped vehicle is on the road.


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